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1.Applicant has to fill an application form for registering a business name
  • For individuals, fill form no.3
  • For partnerships, fill form no.2
  • For a Corporation, fill form no.8
2. BRELA conducts a name search
3. Approval or refusal of the application
4. Applicant pays the following fees:
  • Application fee of shs 5,000/-
  • Maintenance fee of shs 1,000/- (paid annually)
  • Search fee of shs 1,000/-
5. Applicant issued with a Certificate and extract with which the applicant can open a bank account.
To change a Business Name
  • Applicant fills form no.6
  • After applicable fees are paid, a Certificate of Change is issued alongside a new Extract
To Cancel use of a Business Name
  • applicant fills form no.BN7 (Cessation Form)
  • attach original Certificate of Registration
  • pay Cessation fee of shs 1,500/-
(NB. All quoted fees are subject to periodic reviews)

Registration Procedures
a) Applicants need to submit a letter for name clearance after which the registry clears it after search. The registry's search is to establish:
  • The availability or non availability of the applied name.
  • Desirability of a name.
b) Applicants are then advised on the availability of the name after which they need to prepare the Memorandum and Articles of Association and submit same for registration process.
c) Compliance with all requirements relating to formation of the company is declared in form no.1 which is sworn before a Commission for an oath. Particulars of directors are given through form no.14 and notice of the location of the registered office is given through form no.15 where all required addresses are physical locations and not postal addresses.

(i) Submission of application form for either for corporate applicants (form no. 1), partnerships (form no 2) or sole proprietors (form no 3) together with payment of application fees.
(ii) Search & examination of the application forms.
(iii) Approval/disapproval of the application.
(iv) Issuance of certificate of registration & extract.

(i) Submission of the change application form ( form no. 6) for a change made or which has occurred in any of the particulars registered, together with payment of fees.
(ii) Search & examination of the change form
(iii) Approval/disapproval of the change
(iv) Issuance of certificate of registration of change & extract.

(I) Submission of notice of cessation of business form (form no.7) together with payment of cessation fees.
(II) Examination of the cessation form
(III) Approval/disapproval of the notice to strike-off the name from the register.