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About us

INTRODUCTION: Profile and General Information
Market economy, is by and large a catalyst to sustainable economic development as it breeds and nutures competition in the markets for both goods and services. Competition in turn leads to product and systems innovations for better quality products and services in the market and also value for money, all for the benefit of consumers. Market economy unregulated and unfacilitated breeds chaos and social economic anarchy.
Regulation and facilitation therefore, are a necessary ingredient for a vibrant, sustainable and effective market economy. The two activities are responsible for the refereeing and provision of level field in which participants in the market economy compete.
In other words regulatory and facilitatory mechanisms in the market economy arena are responsible for the fair play of all players in the market.
In recognising this fundamental requirement, as our society gallops towards market economy, the government as part of its civil service reform has decided to establish Government Executive Agencies, among others is the Business Registrations and Licensing Agency (BRELA).

BRELA is a Government Executive Agency established under the Government Executive Agencies Act No. 30 of 1997.
It was established on the 28th of October, 1999 by Government Notice No. 294 A published on the 8th October, 1999 and it was officially inaugurated on the 3rd December, 1999.


The aim of the Agency is to ensure that businesses operate in accordance with the laid down regulations and sound commercial principles.

The specific roles include the following:
  • To administer companies and business names laws.
  • To regulate business by administering business and industrial licensing laws.
  • To administer intellectual property laws.
  • To encourage and facilitate local and foreign business investment.
  • To stimulate scientific and technological inventiveness and innovation and encourage technology transfer.
  • To protect the development of creativity in artistic, literary works, and expression of folklore by protecting such work in conjunction with rights owners.

Strategic Objectives
The Strategic Objectives of the agency are :
  • Ensuring that businesses comply with the laid down regulations to the satisfaction of the Government and the business community.
  • Improving service delivery by the adoption of modern business practices.
  • Building an efficient and effective workforce by adopting modern Human Resource Management policies.
  • Achieving financial self-sufficiency and generate surplus of income that supports the implementation of other strategic objectives.

The Organizational structure of BRELA is based upon the following considerations:
  • The need to have an appropriate span of control for managers,
  • Avoiding the involvement of too many technical staff in supervisory activities at the expense of technical duties,
  • The need to group related functions together in order to avoid overlapping and duplication,
  • The need to reduce the number of managerial levels in order to improve accessibility of top management to all BRELA staff and to improve internal communication,
  • The need to reduce operational overheads.

The structure beneath is comprised of the Chief Executive, four Divisions and one Unit as follows:
  • Commercial laws Division
  • Intellectual Property Division
  • Licensing Division
  • Business Support Division
  • Internal Audit Unit

The Agency will establish Zonal Offices in phases as the level of business activity increases in selected zones. This will extend the customer base as well as bring the Agency’s services closer to users in the zones.

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