Should You Be Afraid of Copyright Infringement Notice

The digital world is vast, and due to content accessibility and piracy, there must be laws in place to protect one’s original design. If people come to Unibet because of the unique Unibet Bonus, other platforms want to make sure the content they offer is exclusively available on their platform. However, laws are complicated and as a result, you can get a copyright infringement notice, even if you did not directly copy or upload someone else’s content onto your website. Since this is the case it would be useful to examine what copyright infringement notice entails, and what you should do if you get one. 

Read the notice 

The first thing you need to know is that notice can come from multiple different sources, and they are not all identical. It can come from an attorney, or the individual owner, or from somewhere else. However, the notice should clearly pinpoint the work or section that causes a violation. Furthermore, it should also contain the proof that the sender has the ownership of the copyrights. In the event, the notice does not contain these details and there is no proof of infringement, you are likely going to be fine even if you ignore it. You can also seek help from an attorney in case you are worried and have second thoughts about leaving the content on your site. 

In the event you manage to locate a copyrighted piece of content, the next thing you should do is figure out where it came from. If a blogger who uses your platform uploaded it, for example, you can reach out to him or her, to ask where they got it. If they were indeed careless and just took content from another site without permission, make sure you remove it from your website.

Copyright infringement examples

Here are some of the most typical reasons that lead to a copyright infringement notice. 

  • Using an image that belongs to someone else – This is a very common occurrence, you find an image you like and use it on your website, or T-shirt, or book cover, etc., only to find out later that it actually required a license. Now some images are public domain and can be used for free and modified. Some might require you to leave a link to the artist’s profile, but some require to be purchased in order to get a license. So make sure you google search the image, try to trace its origin, and find out if it is indeed free for use.
  • Copying a large portion of text – This is also illegal, and not only can you get an infringement notice but also Google can penalize your website, so check your texts for plagiarism before you use them. 
  • Using music or a sound file that belongs to someone else – Same as with an image, find out if it’s free for use or if you need to credit the artist. 
  • Using video clips or a whole movie/TV show.

In other words, if the notice references some of these items, it’s probably right, and you should ensure to comply with its instructions.